Tarot and Fate and Free Will

Can Tarot cards tell you what is going to happen in the future?

Does a Tarot reading show an unalterable fate? Tarot can definitely give you an indication of possible outcomes, but you are not stuck with those predictions. You always have free will to change the circumstances if you don’t like them.

When I am reading Tarot cards for a client, sometimes they say, ‘Don’t tell me if something bad is going to happen to me!’ Being told in advance that something dreadful may happen is one of the things frightening many people away from Tarot. They don’t want to worry about circumstances before they eventuate. But your fate is not determined by what you see in a card reading.

One main reason why people feel uncomfortable around Tarot cards is they assume that if you tell the future with the cards, then that prophecy must come true. People forget that the future is not fixed. A Tarot reading shows possible outcomes in the future. We have free will to intervene and make changes to our circumstances, and this can change those future possibilities. The future is fluid and when you are aware of possible results, you can make plans to embrace the predicted future, or avoid it. And you can evedictionary definition of the futuren use your Tarot cards to help you work out the best way to do it.

A Tarot reading gives an indication of the most likely results of a given set of circumstances, based upon your present situation, thoughts, plans, ideas, hopes, and fears at the time of the reading. You are free to accept this outcome, or make decisions as to how to create a different future. In other words, if you don’t like what you see, you can look at ways of changing some areas to get the outcome you desire.

You have probably seen signs by the side of the road warning of slippery conditions ahead. The sign doesn’t mean that if you travel along this road, your car is going to end up in a ditch! It’s saying, “Be careful. If you drive like you normally drive, your car could slip off the road.” By heeding the advice on the sign and changing your driving style to suit the conditions, you can travel along the same road and safely arrive at your destination.

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about predictions, is that when a particular event is indicated in a spread, it can mean the event is likely to happen if you continue rolling along the same path, or it could merely be showing that energy of this nature will be around you at this time. It indicates the potential for this event to happen. For example, if you see in a client’s reading that a change of house is likely in a few months, it could mean they have to move; have to sell their house; or it could simply mean that energy of changeability will be surrounding their house during this period. At this time they would probably feel restless or discouraged in their present location, bringing about the desire to move house.

Tarot readings are not indicators of a fixed destiny. They simply give you warnings of what may lie ahead, and then you can adjust your circumstances so you travel through life safely and easily.

Tarot Blessings,
Mister Tarot

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