Is Work Shown by Wands or Pentacles?

Is Work Shown by Wands or Pentacles?

If you are doing a reading about your career, would you expect the suit of Pentacles to dominate the spread, or will cards from the suit of Wands turn up?

Many people equate the suit of Pentacles with work issues, because it’s from our careers that we make our money, right?

10 WandsAlthough the suit of Pentacles represents business and finances, sometimes Wands cards relate to issues of the workplace. When you look through the suit of Wands you’ll see its characters making plans for future conquests, struggling against others, taking on too many responsibilities, and purposefully journeying to faraway destinations. It represents the interaction you might have with co-workers and management, whereas the suit of Pentacles relates to the financial aspects of a business.

If the client owns their business, more Pentacles cards might turn up, but if the person works in an office, or is a tradesman, etc., then cards from the suit of Wands will show the workplace activities with more clarity.

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