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Use Active Tarot – Not Passive Fortune Telling:

It used to be that Tarot was seen as a passive situation. You dealt out the cards to discover what was going to happen to you, then you sat back and waited for that future to eventuate. How dull! What a fatalistic, defeatist attitude!

I suggest being pro-active with your Tarot. Rather than seeing Tarot as a reflection of what can happen to you, put your cards to use in your life.

  • Use Tarot for direction—give yourself ideas to pursue—and then work out how to keep on track for the desired outcome.
  • Use Tarot for warnings—to work out if there are any challenges you might encounter along the path you have chosen—and then use it to discover how you can overcome those obstacles.
  • Use Tarot for spiritual insight—contemplate that new awareness until you fully understand it—and then integrate that lesson into your life.
  • Use Tarot for quick answers to a dilemma—and then take action.
  • Use Tarot to make choices—then take the time to explore the situation in more detail.

compassMost people make choices without knowing where that direction will lead and how it will impact them in the short term and in the long term. They leave it up to fate. Tarot offers an opportunity to discover the outcomes of any choice.

Be proactive with your Tarot readings. Tarot is about making the most from potential outcomes. Use it to overcome the fate of wrong decisions!




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