Webinar Review – The Major Arcana

Webinar Review – Major Arcana Only Readings by Rachel Pollack:

Traditional readings of the Tarot utilize both the Major Arcana (trumps) and the Minor Arcana (suit cards) in each layout. What types of readings can be done using only the Major Arcana? And if we only use the Major Arcana, does this mean that we can only focus on the big issues in life, rather than the day-to-day realities normally shown by the Minor Arcana?

rachel pollackIn this webinar, esteemed Tarot author Rachel Pollack sets out to answer those two questions. She begins with a look at some of the imagery on ancient and rare Tarot decks before sharing the layouts for various spreads that she has developed for Major Arcana readings.

At the start of the recording, the sound quality is poor, but don’t be disheartened, this soon improves and you learn some amazing spreads that can illuminate your spiritual journey. The first spread that Rachel gave was called the Spiritual Challenge Spread. This was a 3 card layout where position 1 (on the left) showed your spiritual history. Position 2 (on the far right) was the challenge your spiritual growth was facing, and the final position (placed in the middle) was for the gift that you will receive from the universe to aid you in your spiritual quest. This third card shows what will help you to deal with the obstacles and blockages found on your spiritual journey.

The best spread, however, was for a Soul Journey Reading. This was done by taking the fanciful (and rather beautiful) concept of a soul journeying beyond the body and returning with a message. In this spread, the questions answered through the Tarot are:

  • Where has my soul been?
  • What has she done?
  • What does she bring back?
  • How do I welcome her?

Major Arcana Logo smallThis is such a lovely concept, and you can create amazing, uplifting stories for yourself by asking these questions and using this spread of Major Arcana cards to touch the deepest aspects of yourself through Tarot’s archetypal imagery.

At the start of the webinar, Rachel stated that one of her aims was to identify the type of readings that could be done with the Major Arcana cards only. At the end of the session, it was clear that if you are using only the trump cards, you not limited by the questions that you could ask—but the answers to your questions are likely to be bound to deep and meaningful interpretations that will need to be considered on a soul level—it’s unlikely to show simple solutions to mundane situations.

Anything presented by Rachel Pollack is worth investigating, and this webinar is a wonderful opportunity to listen to her talk about Tarot’s imagery. It’s also an excellent webinar for those who want to explore a variety of spreads with a spiritual focus.

Title: Major Arcana Only Readings
Presented by: Rachel Pollack
Length of Recording: One hour
Available through: Global Spiritual Studies
Cost: online recording: AUD $14
DVD is AUD $18.50 plus packaging and postage

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