Tarot Trajectory

Tarot Trajectory:

When it comes to doing a reading, the possibility of seeing a bad outcome worries many people. I can understand that—no one wants bad news—especially if they feel that it’s unavoidable. But Tarot isn’t about discovering a future outcome that is locked into place by the universe. The future is fluid. The future is adjustable.

pinball tarotThe future is like a giant pinball machine. You could pull back the spring and send the metal ball to the top of the game and then stand back and cross your arms and watch it rattle down to the trap at the bottom and say, ‘Oh well, that’s life!” Or, you can stand at the pin ball machine and hit those paddles on the side of the machine and flick that ball back into play for as long as you have the skill and concentration and stamina.

Tarot shows you the trajectory of the ball. It shows you where it’s heading if you settle back and allow life to carry on without any extra effort on your part. It shows you where the traps and the bonus points are — and you can then direct yourself into whatever zone you feel you deserve.

Tarot is an active form of divination. Make your choices and play the game!




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