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Book Review

 “Intuition” by Paul Fenton-Smith Why do people seek to improve their intuitive abilities? For Tarot readers it’s fairly obvious; we need to be fairly accurate in order to maintain our credibility and to provide a consistently helpful service to our clients. … Continue reading

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Intuition & Tarot

Using Your Intuition I was reading Paul Fenton-Smiths new book ‘Intuition—keys to unlocking your inner wisdom’, and by coincidence John Lennon’s song ‘Intuition’ came on the radio. I thought I’d share some of the lyrics with you… ‘Intuition takes me … Continue reading

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Paul Fenton-Smith Interview

Interview with a Tarot Author While Paul Fenton-Smith was in Adelaide, I had the chance to ask him a few questions about Tarot. Some of the questions were serious, and some were frivolous, but Paul was gracious enough to respond … Continue reading

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The Tarot Revealed – a beginner’s guide

Tarot Book Review This is one of the few Tarot books around that has sold over 100,000 copies! Most beginner’s guides to Tarot fall by the wayside because they are too simplistic, or too full of mystical jargon, or too … Continue reading

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