Smartphones & Tarot

Modern Tools for an Ancient Art:

Keeping notes about any readings you do is a great way to keep track of how you are progressing as a Tarot reader. It’s so gratifying to look back on a reading that you did for yourself a few months ago — and find that you can congratulate yourself for all of the accurate predictions you foretold.

Whenever I do a reading for myself, I write down the names of the cards that turn up in that reading, and I note their positions in the spread. A short summary of my interpretations for each card is also given. Just a sentence or two is usually enough to jog my memory of the situation and the meanings of the cards that have appeared in the reading.

In our modern times, we have another useful tool at our disposal…mobile phones and their inbuilt cameras! Take a quick snap of the reading and attach your interpretations to that image, or send the picture of the cards to yourself via email and include your predictions. That way you’ll have a visual image of all the cards and the text as well.

iPhone spread

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  1. Otylka Wrzos says:

    Hello Don. It`s a great idea with photographing every Your spread. I will test it myself

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