New Tarot Spread

Inner World & Outer World Spread

Becoming a better Tarot reader is all about practice, but sometimes you might not feel as though you have time to get out the Tarot cards to do a full reading. So, here’s a quick way of doing a reading which only uses a few words for the interpretations.

This spread uses only three cards. Read through the description of the card positions before you start, then while shuffling, just repeat to yourself, “I choose three cards to give direction to my life.”

After shuffling the deck, deal out the top card while saying, “When I find myself in this situation…”

Deal the second card while saying, “I will activate this energy in myself.”

Put down the third card while saying, “And send this energy into the world around me.”

Take a look at the first card to discover which area of your life your subconscious is suggesting you look into.

– The second card gives you the inspiration to realise how you can kick-start this improvement from a personal and spiritual level.

– The third card shows what you can do on an external level to ensure the changes to your life are being manifested and expressed in the world at large.

When you use this spread, you don’t need to have a problem in mind, or to be conscious of an aspect of your personality that could be improved. Just be open to this inner suggestion from deep within and listen to the wisdom of your inner consciousness as it flows from the Tarot cards.

Keep it simple…for your interpretations, choose only a few words to describe the scenes in the cards.




Here’s an example reading:

Card 1: The Tower

Card 2: Knight of Cups

Card 3: The Magician


The interpretation is…

  • When I find myself in the situation of dramatic changes.
  • I will activate the energy of love in myself.
  • And express confidence into the world around me.

It’s as simple as that! Just choose a few words or a phrase that sums up that card’s energy and put it into the context of the reading. If you get inspired to continue doing deeper readings to explore the issue further, then go for it. The more readings you do, the more confident you will become.



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