Meditating with Tarot Cards

Meditation and Tarot

There are two ways to get to know the meanings of the Tarot cards…the hard way and the easy way.

The hard way is to try and learn all of the interpretations.
The easy way is to discover the meanings for yourself.

You can spend years studying Tarot books and learning the interpretations from books, but then you have to reinterpret that information when doing readings. Most people struggle with Tarot studies, and they simply want to get beyond simple memorisation of card meanings. Do you want to bring the potent energy of these cards more fully into your life? Meditation with the Tarot is the key to discovering their deeper meanings.

Meditating with the characters of the Tarot cards always provides interesting and useful information. It results in an expanded awareness of the meanings of the cards on a very personal level. From this you gain greater insight for your readings, and you will learn more about Tarot as a whole. Meditation with the Tarot helps you to feel connected to the cards with greater intensity than simply committing the standard meanings to memory.

During a Tarot Meditation your consciousness will be opened to the infinite possibilities of each card. You will be guided by your inner wisdom to see things in the cards that you’ve never seen before. You will be open to unique personal experiences sparked by the characters featured on the cards. And when you’ve made this soulful connection with each character, they will be more accessible when you are doing readings.

Meditation with the Tarot is an intensely profound method to connect with the cards. The rich, symbolism displayed on each card makes them ideal for subconscious exploration. You will be filled with deep insights and you will connect with them on a soul level.

How to Meditate with the Tarot

To meditate with a Tarot card, such as The Empress, start by looking at all of the details on the card. Now close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. As you focus on your breath, allow your breathing to become slower and deeper. Enter a deep state of relaxation and then visualise the card called The Empress. Hold the image of the card in your mind and see it as a doorway in your mind. When you are ready, take a step through the doorway and into the landscape of that card.003a

Introduce yourself to The Empress as she sits on her lounge and ask if you can talk with her for a while. You can now ask her about the symbolism, energy, and meanings of the card. When you have finished talking, thank The Empress and bring yourself back into your conscious surroundings.

After the meditation, reflect upon your experience and write about it in your Tarot journal. You can do these meditations at any time, and you can lead yourself through them, but sometimes the most powerful results come from guided meditations led by another person. It allows your conscious mind to be completely at rest and it gives you the opportunity to explore the card’s meanings at a deeper level.

One of the best Tarot Meditation courses available is Brigit Esselmont’s ‘Soul Meditations: A Journey Through the Major Arcana’. Brigit says, “Meditating with the Tarot can be used to deepen your understanding of the cards to a level that is very personal and profound. It is also incredibly powerful as a self-healing tool, a method for manifestation or a way to access the Divine.”

soul meditations

When you are ready to create a soulful connection with the Tarot, take a peaceful journey through Brigit’s Soul Meditations. It’s a powerful set of guided visualisations that have been specifically designed to lead you on an uplifting spiritual adventure through the Major Arcana. Make time now to deepen your connection with these powerful cards, so that you can access your inner wisdom. They provide a unique experience of the Tarot that will change the way you look at the cards.

“When you actively engage in the Tarot—through meditation, journaling, and other heart-centred activities—you unlock your potential and open yourself up to a deeply personal and soulful connection with the Tarot. It begins to ‘live’ through you and you no longer have to rely on memorising meanings. Your mind opens up to its infinite wisdom and its infinite potential by connecting with the Tarot cards in this way.” – Brigit Esselmont

I’ve listened to many Tarot Meditations over the last 30 years of my Tarot studies, and this is the best that I’ve experienced. This is a unique opportunity to explore the Tarot in a safe, positive and inspirational manner. But it’s more than just a way to discover the meanings of the cards…the meditations and exercises in this program will integrate the wisdom of the Tarot with your own spiritual path, so that you can fully connect to your higher consciousness.

“The incredibly powerful guided visualisations that underpin the Soul Meditations course will help you connect deeply with your fullest potential; heal emotional wounds; and dive beneath the surface of typical Tarot interpretations—all leading to the discovery of solutions and meanings that are unique and significant to you.” – Brigit Esselmont

The Major Arcana cards are a pathway to enlightenment. Through the rich, symbolic tapestry of these 22 cards you can connect to your inner wisdom, your intuition, and your higher self.

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Tarot Blessings,
Mister Tarot

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