Court Cards

Tarot Tip: The Court Cards

All Pages relate to Potential
All Knights relate to Opportunities
All Queens relate to Satisfaction
All Kings relate to Stability

When a Court card turns up in a reading, consider the qualities above and associate it with the element for that suit.

Page of CupsReminder:
Cups = Water = Emotions
Pentacles = Earth = Materialism
Swords = Air = Thoughts
Wands = Fire = Energy

For example, in a reading…

  • The Page of Pentacles shows the potential for making money.
  • The Page of Cups shows the potential for romance.
  • The Page of Swords shows the potential for a new way of thinking.
  • And the Page of Wands shows the potential for a fresh burst of energy to come your way.

Tarot Blessings,
Mister Tarot



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