Can You Do Tarot Readings For Yourself?

Can You Interpret Your Own Future?

Many people will tell you that you cannot do Tarot readings for yourself. Their argument is that your interpretation of the cards will be coloured by your desires. They say that despite your intuition, you might choose to see a particular outcome, even if the cards show an obvious alternative.

This is true, but only if you allow your mind to be seduced by your wish for a particular result. I think that most people are more realistic than this—they can discern truth from fantasy.

If the wording of your question is clear, then your results should be too. But if you want to make sure that wishful thinking is not influencing your interpretation, prior to the reading, make the decision that you will interpret the spread with traditional meanings. That way, you don’t have to beLooking to Tarot for the Answer concerned with your intuitive response to the symbols; you can simply use the standard keywords (from any Tarot book) as your guide to their interpretation.

If I have an important decision to make, I don’t go running off to the nearest Tarot reader, I grab the cards and ask what I should be aware of regarding the situation that’s troubling me. I can always get a good indication as to whether the outcome will be positive or negative, but I admit that sometimes it’s tricky to see the finer details. If those details are important, I’ll consult another reader, but in the meantime I have a good idea of what the future may bring, and I can proceed accordingly.

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know. Maybe start with something that isn’t too important and do a reading for yourself. If it’s a decision that you need to make within a few days, at least you’ll have a result really soon and you can compare your interpretation with the outcome.

So, next time you have to choose between two restaurants, or if you want to know which party to attend, don’t toss a coin, let your cards guide you, and after the event you can look back at your reading and realise that you can do readings for yourself!

Tarot Blessings,
Mister Tarot

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2 Responses to Can You Do Tarot Readings For Yourself?

  1. Can You Interpret Your Own Future?

    Yes, you can if you set aside your desires and focus on true tarot reading. Though this doesn’t work to all card readers but you can do it if you focus.

  2. melissa says:

    The only problem I can see is if you can’t step back enough (remove
    yourself from the question) to get yourself an honest answer instead
    of just what you want to hear (or are afraid to hear, your fears can
    manifest in the reading also).

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