A Question for the Tarot

Asking a Clear Question:

What’s the number one mistake that I see beginner readers (and some experienced ones) making with their Tarot cards? They don’t take time to work out EXACTLY what they want to know from their reading. If your wording is broad and generic, then your reading will be too!

Suit of SwordsI see it time and time again in my workshops. It’s not unusual to have asked someone to think of a question and then deal out the cards for a reading, only to find that the cards displayed are not telling a consistent story. When I ask them to verbalise the exact question they were thinking as they shuffled the cards, I find that their question was not concise, or it featured two or more situations.

When doing a Tarot reading, you need to decide on the purpose of your reading. In order for your subconscious to be able to offer a definitive answer to any query, it needs to be directed through a simple, clearly defined, unambiguous question.

You need to be able to hold a clear question in your mind if you want your subconscious to be able to give some straightforward direction, therefore, you must work out in your mind the basic essence of the question you would like answered. It’s vitally important to reduce your question to its simplest form. If you need to ask about various situations, do a different reading for each part.

If you ask a vague question, you will have a difficult time interpreting the cards you select, because they will relate to a hazy situation. If you ask a question involving two scenarios, or two different areas of your life, then you will have a mixed answer relating to both areas. This will not be easy to interpret.

A clear, focused question gives a plain, direct answer. It’s a bit like using an Internet search engine: the more details you give for your search, the closer you get to the information you desire.

When you are shuffling the cards, you must only have your query in mind. If your thoughts stray while shuffling, then stop, think back to your question, and reshuffle. Do not allow your thoughts to wander to other topics while shuffling. And don’t think about possible outcomes while shuffling, or your subconscious will feel as though you are asking it to find cards relating to this outcome.

When working out your question, be clear and concise. Find the essence of the question! You might like to say it out loud, so that you can hear whether it’s a good, succinct question. Spending a few moments focusing on the wording for your question will pay off when you see a layout of cards that immediately makes sense and tells its story before your eyes!

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