TAROT – An Intriguing Interactive Experience

Interactive Tarot – Adelaide

How exciting! There’s going to be an interactive Tarot experience in Adelaide – and you’re all invited.

Imagine walking around a garden and finding colourful characters from the Tarot dressed in cloaks and decorated with body paint…and then they invite you on a sacred journey!

You are drawn into their world of symbolism and meaning. As an intriguing tale unfolds around you, discover how your life experiences and those of your fellow participants weave together. This Tarot journey is a unique, immersive experience, genuinely interactive and responsive to you and your fellow participants. This is what you can expect when the team from Hunted comes to Adelaide from 18th to 22nd January.

The script and the body art for the show was produced by theatre professional Emma Humphreys. Emma is the driving force behind more than thirty productions in Western Australia since 2000. Her interest in Tarot is based in the language of archetypal imagery, which provides a space for mindfulness and self-reflection. For many years, Emma had an interest in Tarot as a source of insight, then she invested more time learning about it in 2007, in preparation for the first showing of TAROT, which has now played for six seasons in Perth.

queen-of-pentacles-1Although the Rider-Waite deck has provided inspiration for some of the imagery and colour choices in the body art, the interpretations of the images are her own. In some correspondence with me, Emma said the Tarot journey that is experienced is an important one for the participants and the characters of the drama: “Figures who appear in one card travel to another…and make use of wisdom gained in a previous instance, or, on occasion, fail to do so.”

I asked if this Tarot Interactive Experience will be useful to those beginning their Tarot studies, and she replied, “I hope it provides an engaging and unusual perspective, in providing dramatisations of the insights of the cards. The meanings of the cards from a traditional perspective is certainly the base inspiration of the pieces in the performance. My own interpretation of those meanings is also naturally present in the writing.”

king-of-wandsI also asked Emma for more information about the image of the King of Wands, as depicted in their advertising… I was confused because he didn’t seem to be in his traditional role as a representative of the fire element. Emma explained, “The strength and masculinity of that particular figure is represented in the positioning and purposeful gaze of the performer. The prominent red flower in the image preserves the fire element of the traditional image, whilst his vitality and energy is represented by a connection to nature. Although it is not visible in the shot used in the publicity, the King of Wands performer also has a salamander on his back.”

This is a unique opportunity to interact with the main characters of the Tarot. Act fast to make a booking, as I’m sure it’s going to sell out when word gets around. Click here to see prices and availability. It’s the biggest Tarot event to ever come to Adelaide, so don’t miss it. I’ll see you there!

The Dealer

The Dealer


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